At Skylark, we are fully committed to providing a COVID-free safe haven. Throughout our entire operation, we have reviewed and implement new protocols, introduced new equipment, and conducted extensive training to ensure your health and safety.

Staff General

  • Daily Temperature Checks
  • Daily Health Declaration
  • Paid Sick Leave if showing any symptoms
  • Provided with all PPE
  • Mandatory Mask Wearing
  • Hand washing every 90 mins
  • Doctors certificate to return to work after symptoms
  • Commitment to following all protocols
  • Not wearing PPE is considered “gross misconduct”
  • Mandatory Training COVID-19 safety protocols
  • Lockers for checking in personal belongings

Front Desk

  • Pre-arrival Check-in Available
  • Social Distancing Floor Markers
  • New Glass Partitioning at Reception Desk
  • New Glass Partitioning at Security Desk
  • Swipe your own credit card
  • Hands Free Sanitizer as you approach the front desk
  • Sanitized Pens
  • Designated areas for disembarking upon arrival
  • Porter on request
  • Room keys are sanitized and pre-packaged
  • Used keys are collected to be re-sanitized
  • Minimized touchpoints at Check-in / Check-out
  • Signage in place for COVID safety

Guest Rooms

  • Dedicated Air Conditioners - no central air
  • Mini-Bar Sanitized & Minimized - QR Code
  • All high touch items removed
  • Restaurant Menu - QR Code
  • Spa Menu - QR Code
  • Guest Services Directory – QR Code
  • Guest Room Sealed After Cleaning & Sanitized

On Each Guest Room Change Over

  • Fully Ventilated room with floor fans
  • Atomize entire room and leave for 2 hours
  • Sanitize Air Filters in AC units
  • Thorough cleaning with sterilizer
  • High touch surfaces sanitized twice
  • Inspection and re-sanitizing major touch points by manager
  • PPE worn including gloves, shield, single use mask, apron & gloves
  • Sealing room by Supervisor / Manager


  • Health Declaration
  • Temperature Check on Arrival
  • Mandatory Mask wearing in public areas
  • Social Distancing


  • Training to use new COVID specific cleaning solutions
  • Training with SERV Safe
  • Training with the Jamaica Tourism Enhancement Fund
  • Training with Jamaica’s TPD Company
  • Carts are cleaned and sanitized constantly
  • Hand sanitizers to be used regularly
  • All linens changed, bagged and labelled
  • Public areas cleaned and sanitized frequently


  • SAFE Serve Training
  • Training with Jamaica’s TPD Company
  • Training with Jamaica’s Tourism Enhancement Fund
  • PPE worn
  • QR Codes for Menu on stand on the table
  • Order available via whats app
  • Swipe your own credit card
  • Hand wash sink and sanitizer station available on arrival
  • New Protocols for turning over tables, cleaning and sterilization
  • Room service is offered and encouraged, no additional cost
  • Implementation of additional hand washing
  • Reservations recommended to avoid gathering to wait on a table
  • All condiments removed - sterilized after each use
  • Table bare and wrapped utensils brought after seating
  • Tables are situated 6 feet apart - social distancing
  • No more than 10 person to a group dinning
  • Food & Drink are covered and brought to the table
  • Bar seating removed, all beverages served at the table
  • Server will not to enter room when delivering room service
  • Takeout orders will be sealed by chef
  • Takeout orders will be placed in disposable paper bags
  • Off property guests: temperature checks and health declaration


  • QR code for menu
  • Social distancing floor markers
  • International Protocol Training
  • PPE on therapist
  • Treatments in ventilated locations only
  • Masks on Guest
  • Sanitized pen
  • Temperature Check before service
  • Health Declaration
  • Implementation of additional hand washing
  • Spa cabana curtains are steamed cleaned daily
  • Hands-free sanitizing stations at each treatment area
  • Off property guests temperature checks & health declaration

Kenny Tours Transport

  • Driver Mask Wearing
  • Guest Mask Wearing
  • Sanitize Luggage
  • Windows Open
  • Bus Sanitized before & after each use
  • Reduced seating capacity
  • No ridesharing on airport runs


  • HASAP Training
  • Food Handlers (Jamaica Ministry of Health) Training
  • Training with Jamaica’s TPD Company
  • Training with Jamaica’s Tourism Enhancement Fund
  • SERVE SAFE Training
  • Zoned kitchen - floor markers to ensure social distancing
  • All Meals leaving the kitchen covered by the chef
  • Implementation of additional hand washing and cleaning


  • Sanitized furniture after each use
  • Furniture spaced to observe social distancing protocols
  • Reduced the maximum capacity
  • Hand wash sink made easily accessible
  • Beach shower and foot wash pipe handles are sanitized regularly


  • Hand wash sinks throughout the property
  • Hands-free sanitizer stations at all major commerce points
  • Hands-free sanitizer stations outside all bathrooms

We stay committed to bringing you good vibes and doing so safely in true Jamaican One Love style.