6 of the Best Secluded Beaches in Jamaica

What’s an island getaway without any time on the beach? During your stay at the Skylark Negril Beach Resort, avoid the crowds when you visit some of the best secluded beaches in Jamaica. With golden stretches of untouched sand and water as clear as glass, there’s little better than spending your vacation days under the sun. Start planning your island getaway today with help from our complimentary Vacation Guide!

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6 of the Must-See, Secluded Beaches in Jamaica

1. Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach, one of our favorite secluded beach spots, is located about 15 minutes from Skylark towards Green Island. Not to be confused with the mega-resort of the same name in Montego Bay, this beautiful property is still in its natural state without the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas.

Spend the day enjoying fun in the sun while relaxing on the private beach and playing in the water. Swim, kayak, bamboo raft, or boat out to the nearby island for some snorkeling through one the most beautiful, undisturbed coral reefs in Jamaica. Back at the beach, there is a great little bar and restaurant featuring fine local food and drinks and friendly service.

2. Seven Mile Beach

Of course, our favorite beach to frequent is Seven Mile Beach. A secluded strip sits in front of Skylark Negril Beach Resort where you can occupy the broad white sands. Claim one of the many lounges to sit under the sun with a fruity drink in your hand or opt to enjoy the clear water. Be sure to check out Miss Lily’s for some delicious food and drink served at your lounge or at the beachside restaurant.

Office of Nature3. Office of Nature on Bloody Bay

Bloody Bay is known for its white sands, bowed palms, and a handful of resorts. Don’t let these resorts deter you; we know the perfect, secluded spot. On a quieter section of Bloody Bay at the northern end of Negril, you will find the Office of Nature.

Featuring a rustic, beach bar with just a few picnic tables, the Office of Nature serves great local seafood and is renowned for grilling up some of the best lobster in Negril. Bring towels to lay out on the soft, white sand and take a dip in the crystal clear waters. Enjoy a cold red stripe and chat with the very friendly crew before you pick your lobster.

4. Long Bay Beach Park

Long Bay Beach Park is one of the few Negril beaches mainly used by locals. While often crowded on weekends and public holidays, weekdays are known for being quite empty. About a mile-long walk up the beach from Skylark, the area is well-maintained and has a few cement tables and lots of shady areas available covered by trees. The beach is run by the Urban Development Corporation and has a small entrance fee of a few dollars. They have restrooms, changing rooms, and showers available. Plus, there is a lifeguard on duty, making it an ideal spot for families!

5. Booby Cay

Booby Cay is a small island that sits just offshore of Negril. The island gets its name from the booby bird, which returns to the same island each year to breed and nest. The island’s snorkeling and scuba diving is spectacular. Beneath the surface, the many coral reefs provide an excellent breeding ground for a dense population of colorful marine life. Because you need to take a boat to get there, it is often quite secluded (except for the occasional catamaran tour). There’s a spot for lobster fresh off the grill, perfect for washing down with soda or Red Stripe. Keep in mind there are no facilities or running water on the island.

6. Little Bay

Little Bay also makes our list of secluded beaches in Jamaica, and this one is only about 30 minutes from Negril. This sleepy town has a small, deserted beach; it is imbued with the kind of laid-back feel that pervaded Negril before it grew into a tourist destination. It’s a great place to commune with Rastas and other Jamaicans who live a quiet life in ramshackle homes, dependent on fishing and their entrepreneurial wits. Little Bay is where Bob Marley once lived, and locals can point out his former house. There is a small, secluded, and very pretty beach you’ll find after passing through the town and pass by the school. You will need to bring your own picnic, as there are no facilities or restaurant. If you have time, stop in the Little Bay School, one of the Rockhouse Foundation projects.

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