An Update on Rockhouse Foundation’s Savanna-La-Mar Inclusive Infant Academy

Hello, Friend of Rockhouse,

What do you think of when you hear the words: ONE LOVE?

The Rockhouse Foundation thinks of Jernenio taking his first steps at our newly opened Savanna-la-Mar Inclusive Infant Academy (Sav Inclusive).

Jernenio was affectionately nicknamed Tumblebug when he first came to Sav Inclusive. His Cerebral Palsy meant he fell every few steps, although this never dampened his spirits. After a few months of therapy, he is able to walk by himself. Now he only falls when he is executing daredevil moves on the playground and his teachers have nicknamed him the next Usain Bolt.

Before Arianna came to Sav Inclusive, she couldn’t walk. She was diagnosed with Spina Bifida and a clubfoot deformity that prevented her from standing up straight. During her time at Sav Inclusive, she graduated from a wheelchair to a walker and a few months ago she took her own steps. Now she is able to dance and play with all the other students.

These success stories are thanks to Halleah Addiman, physical therapist and part-time miracle worker at Sav Inclusive. Halleah’s warm nature and bright smile light up a room like a Negril sunset.

Halleah initially had aspirations to be a doctor but after a stint on the Physical therapy dept. she was hooked. She realized she could help the most when she spent more time with her patients. That’s when she moved into physical therapy and hasn’t looked back since.

When she first started her career, Halleah felt discouraged by the hard circumstances that physically challenged children typically experience in Jamaica. She decided to work with adults instead, but then the opportunity at Sav Inclusive came along, and the lives of her children at Sav Inclusive will never be the same.

Halleah has seen first hand how the Foundation has impacted lives. “The Foundation has been the answer to many parents’ prayers,” she says. “Many of our children are not privy to experience love, care and value like others but Rockhouse has really depicted ONE LOVE in so many ways to these students.”

Halleah believes that the students will never forget what has been done for them at Sav Inclusive. “I believe many of the students will grow to remember the contribution made by the Foundation and realize what was given to them at a pivotal time in their lives.”

You see, here at the Foundation we really do believe in ONE LOVE. It’s what inspires us to keep improving so that more Jernenio and Arianna’s can walk, and then run into their bright futures.

You Can Make a Difference

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