Why You Need to Visit the Roaring River in Jamaica

Jamaica is a well-known vacation destination, but guests of Skylark Negril Beach Resort aren’t limited to just tourist activities. As locals of the island, we know all about the lesser-known attractions. Head to a spot like the Roaring River in Jamaica– not only is it a gorgeous, tropical oasis, it also holds historic significance! Start planning your island getaway today when you get a copy of our complimentary Vacation Guide

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About the Roaring River in Jamaica 

The Roaring River is one of our favorite attractions in Jamaica. Because it is off the beaten path and not as well-known as some of our other local destinations, you’ll be able to experience this beautiful attraction with minimal crowds. Take a tour, explore the caves along the river, then go for a dip! Although the river is not literally “roaring,” the crashing white water rapids and the ambient dark cave provide a tranquil and spiritual experience.

The History

The Roaring River was once one of the 24 estates owned by Peter Beckford, a horse trader who arrived on the island in 1660. The Beckfords were one of the first English families to settle in Jamaica after the island was won from the Spanish. Centuries ago, runaway slaves used the cave and its multitude of paths spanning more than five miles to escape to the coast.

Taking the Tour

The Roaring River and Cave is about 45 minutes away from Skylark Negril Beach Resort, and we recommend making the drive a little more fun by stopping for a Red Stripe or two along the way. After you pay the entrance fee, you’ll be brought past an overlook of the river. Take a moment to listen to the roaring sound of the water– its melodious movement is amplified by the steep hillside. 

Once you’re in the caves, your eyes will need a moment to adjust to the dim lighting. 

Your guide will point out the intricacies of the natural rock formations– the shapes and textures are an ode to the natural beauty of our island. In the winter, the Nyabinghi drumming group performs in the cave to make the experience even more magical. 

Take a Swim

After your tour, you’ll have a chance to swim in the mineral pools of the cave. There is a sinkhole that is considered to be “bottomless”– once, a pair of divers tried to get to the bottom and made it 250 meters deep before having to turn back! The water here is known for its healing properties. 

What to Bring 

There are a few things we recommend bringing to the Roaring River in Jamaica

  • Wear your bathing suit. – You’ll want to be wearing your bathing suit so you can take a relaxing dip in the mineral water!
  • Bring a towel to dry off.
  • Take a flashlight with you. – The caves are dimly lit, so we recommend bringing a flashlight if you would like to keep exploring. 
  • Pack some water shoes. – We always recommend taking a pair of water shoes with you. The pools you can swim in are all-natural, so it’s best to protect your feet. 

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