Planning Your Winter Getaway: Negril, Jamaica, Weather in December and What You Need to Know

Did someone say cold weather? We’ve never heard of it! Put your sweaters and boots away– it’s time for a vacation to paradise. Negril, Jamaica, weather in December and winter is incredible, and there are so many things to do and see here during this season. Start planning your winter getaway when you access our complimentary Negril Vacation Guide

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Is December a Good Time to Go to Jamaica?

Anyone that has fallen in love with Jamaica will tell you that there is no bad time to visit, but many people are partial to December. Because this is not peak season, the island is generally calm and not crowded. Plus, you can find great prices on flights and lodging. Peak season usually starts in January, so December is an excellent time to get your winter vacation in before the hustle and bustle of the peak season. 

Negril, Jamaica, Weather in December

Not only are there minimal crowds in December, but the weather is also gorgeous. Temperatures range from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. It’s hot enough to lounge on the beach, but not so hot that you can’t explore the rest of the island! Plus, the rainy season is over and you can expect minimal precipitation. It’s the perfect season to get outside and enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer. 

Our Favorite Things to Do in Jamaica in the Winter

Visit the Jamaica Giants Sculpture Park and Art Gallery

Heading to the Jamaica Giants Sculpture Park and Art Gallery is the perfect activity for a winter afternoon. This destination is partly inside and partly outside, so you can enjoy it no matter the weather. See beautiful sculptures and art created by local artists, then revel in the sweeping jungle views the property offers. 

Head to a Waterfall

There are multiple waterfalls within driving distance from Skylark Negril Beach Resort. Head to a waterfall like YS Falls. Not only do you get to see stunning cascades, but you can also swim in the river pool, go on a zipline, or stroll through the gardens. 

Relax on the Beach

Did you know that Skylark Negril Beach Resort is located on the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach? Lounge on the soft sand before taking a dip in the water to cool off. We’ll provide you with your lounge, towel, and umbrella. Indulge in our beachside food and beverage service to take your getaway to the next level! 

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skylark accommodationsNow that you know how great our Negril, Jamaica, weather in December is, it’s time to book your winter getaway. Say goodbye to the winter cold and hello to our endless summer! From an onsite restaurant and spa to our excellent amenities, it doesn’t get any better than Skylark Negril Beach Resort. Browse our room types and book your getaway today