This Is Why You Need to Go Cliff Jumping in Negril at Rick’s Café

When you stay at Skylark Negril Beach Resort, we hope you’ll take full advantage of all the activities the surrounding resort town has to offer. Barter with the locals over souvenirs at a market or seek some thrills when you go cliff jumping in Negril! Head on over to Rick’s Café, a hot spot for Negril cliff diving. Don’t forget to access our free Vacation Guide for the inside scoop on planning your stay in paradise.

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Rick’s Cafe draws locals and visitors alike for many reasons: live reggae music, delicious drinks, an incredible view of Negril’s famous sunsets, and, of course, Negril cliff diving. Any time of the day, you’ll notice people encircling the cliffs taking turns jumping off into the crystal clear water below. The lowest ledge is about 8 feet above the water while the highest is 40 feet. While you’re there, you may even see a daring local putting on a show as they climb to the tops of trees above the cliffs to dive off.

Internationally known as one of the best diving spots in the Caribbean, Rick’s was the first official public bar and restaurant in the area. Islanders have been coming to this property to eat and drink since 1974 and to dive long before then. Legend has it that during the 1970s “hippie era,” the Rolling Stones hung out here and the Playboy bunnies wandered ‘round nude. The newly renovated and expanded Rick’s is still worth a visit, and jumping from the cliff’s here is a “right of passage” in Negril.  Whether you experience the thrill of jumping yourself or take a front row seat to watch others take a dive, we suggest enjoying a drink while you take in the sunset.


There are a few things you should know before jumping into the blue water below. These insider tips about Rick’s Café cliff jumping will assist you to have the best and safest time possible!

  • If you’re interested in jumping, bring a bathing suit and towel. That way, you can dry off and be comfortable enough to grab a drink at the bar afterward.
  • Be cautious as you jump. Over the years, precautions have been taken to make cliff jumping here safer than ever, such as hiring lifeguards and creating a better jumping platform. However, as with any activity of this sort, there is a risk. It’s best to start off with small jumps and build your way up. Staying at other cliff properties like the Rockhouse, which have many different levels for jumping, can be the best way to build up to the high jump at Rick’s.
  • Jump with your arms out to the side to keep balance while in the air, and landing feet first is said to be the safest posture. When you push off, keep your head centered over your shoulders and your hips – not forward or back.  When you enter, you want to bring your arms in as tight as you can and brace for the impact entering the water like a tin soldier. This video about cliff jumping can help!
  • Staying at Rick’s Cafe to watch the sunset is an absolute must. We recommend securing your seat as early as possible since it can get crowded. As the sun goes down, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the sky as it catches fire, reflecting off the expanse of water below. Get your camera ready!


Patio StudioAt Skylark Negril Beach Resort, we provide our guests with an instant insider experience, opening the doors to all that Negril has to offer.  Whether this includes cliff jumping in Negril at Rick’s Café or opting to relax on Seven Mile Beach, our concierge staff is here to help plan your perfect itinerary. Choose from our four different room types and start planning your stay! We look forward to seeing you on the island.