This Is Why You Need to Visit the Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Jamaica

We think half the fun of going on vacation is getting to know the area surrounding your accommodations. When you stay at the Skylark Negril Beach Resort, our welcoming concierge team provides a local’s perspective on the island. Not only are you vacationing at one of the chicest hotels on Seven Mile Beach, you’ll also get recommendations on the top things to see and do. We recommend heading to the Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Jamaica. Make sure you get a copy of our free Vacation Guide for even more suggestions!

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About the Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Jamaica

The Blue Hole is about a half hour away from Negril, Jamaica. Just as the name suggests, it is literally a hole in the earth’s surface. Upon peering inside, you discover that it is also a portal into paradise with sparkling turquoise water below. Those brave enough take a deep breath and jump twenty-two feet into the spring. For those who would prefer otherwise, you are welcome to take the ladder in and out of the deep grotto.

If you are not interested in going into the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, you can swim in the neighboring, ground-level pool that is filled with the same mineral found inside the spring.

Mineral Water

Mineral water is known for its many healing properties. It is believed to help relieve aches and pains as well as calm the mind. While it is not scientifically proven that the waters of the Blue Hole have any benefits, you will leave the spring feeling energized and refreshed by the cool water and in awe of the stunning scenery.

How Much Does It Cost?

Visiting the Blue Hole Mineral Spring in Jamaica costs $10 per person. It opens every day at 9:00 a.m. and closes after dark.

Other Things to Do at the Blue Hole Mineral Spring

There’s more to Little Bay, Jamaica, than just the mineral springs! If you’re not up to swimming in the 22-foot hole, you can still indulge in the therapeutic properties of the mineral water in Blue Hole’s in-ground the swimming pool. After you swim, sit back and relax with a refreshing Red Stripe at the thatched-roof bar. You might even get caught there for a few hours chatting with some locals.

For more adventure while in Little Bay, visit the Little Bay All Age School, recently renovated as
one of our Rockhouse Foundation projects. Across the street from the school, have a bite to eat and a cold Red Stripe at the Guinep Tree, owned and operated by Tiki Johnson and his wife Tasha. Tiki can tell you all about the Rockhouse Foundation; in addition to being a lifelong resident of Little Bay, he is also the Foundation’s lead painter on all its projects.

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