This Is Why You Need to Embark on the Black River Safari in Jamaica

As locals on the island, we can give you the best recommendations to truly experience Jamaica during your stay at Skylark Negril Beach Resort. Explore one of the most beautiful rivers with our expert guides on the Black River Safari in Jamaica. Start planning your Caribbean getaway when you access our complimentary Vacation Guide today.

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About the Black River

The Black River is our island’s most navigable river and is very important to The Great Morass wetland’s ecosystem. At more than 33 miles long, the Black River derives its name from its dark color due to layers of vegetation and is home to a complex ecosystem that thrives in a damp, tropical climate.

Experiencing the Black River Safari in Jamaica

The Great Morass is Jamaica’s largest surviving wetland and at 125 square miles, taking a boat tour along the swamp’s main waterway is the best way to experience it. The Black River Safari in Jamaica includes a 90-minute scenic ride up and down the river with a local guide showcasing the true beauty of the island.

Explore towering mangrove trees and lush plant life, while surrounded by rare swamp animals, like the endangered American crocodile sunning alongside the banks or over 100 species of birds in their natural habitat. Look out for whistling ducks, egrets and cinnamon-colored jacanas and spot for local fishermen catching crabs on long and thin, traditional canoes. Local tip: Midday tours are the best for spotting crocs; the early and later hours are best for bird-watching.

How Much Does It Cost?

Rates for the Black River Safari in Jamaica vary depending on group size. Please see below for the breakdown and note that transportation, entrance fees, the tour and lunch are included.
One person = $125
Two people = $180
Extra guests can be added to the group for $75/person.

Ready to See Jamaica?

Guest RoomAre you ready to embark on a Black River Safari in Jamaica? Head over to the Skylark Negril Beach Resort, where our concierge service is happy to set up your tour and recommend what else to do. Be sure to ask about our Skylark Passport, received upon check-in, which includes a local guide of immersive, cultural activities. If you complete them all, you’ll get a prize.

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